Home finder property advice for divorcee’s

Published Mar 7, 2013 – 2 mins read

During what can be a highly traumatic and stressful time, many women who are recently divorced or separated could find themselves needing or wanting to buy a new family home. Experienced Home Finder Chris White shares his thoughts and advice on the subject.

The process of dealing with estate agents, solicitors and surveyors can be a new and sometimes daunting prospect for many. Amongst some of the most stressful transitions in life are divorce and a property transaction…. to do both at the same time is a significant, and challenging task, which can give rise to making a premature, mis-judged or mis-informed decision.

In my experience as a home finder, working with clients during this period I find their time is most likely spent putting their children’s day to day needs first, as well as balancing a home and work routine, leaving little chance to sift through endless property websites and visiting numerous estate agents.

With the estate agents acting solely in the seller’s interest, many women looking to buy a new home will turn to family and friends for help and advice, but is that a logical solution? Whilst the help is always welcomed and well intended, it is often lacking in expertise, objectivity and an in-depth knowledge of the local property market. Many of the clients I have assisted have stated that they have found using a professional home finder such asGarrington invaluable by guiding them through the entire process, offering help and knowledge based on their personal situation and current needs.

We could all benefit from expert help from time to time and a good trusted home finder will support and guide you when you need it most, ensuring your purchasing decision will be a better informed one. Factors such as; how many bedrooms does the property have and is the garden large enough for the family may seem obvious, but just as important are for example the orientation of the rooms. Will the kitchen/breakfast room have the morning sun, are the neighbours planning a large extension which may impact on your house, or does this quiet road become a ‘rat run’ during rush hour and is there a superior house available off market around the corner?

An experienced home finder will take away much of the stress and frustration associated with navigating the house buying maze. Potential homes will be previewed in advance for you, meaning less wasted visits to unsuitable properties. That often uncomfortable moment of submitting an offer is managed and dealt with on your behalf, to ensure a property is secured at the best possible price.